Dream Star 2016

One Bottle Of DreamStar 2016.jpg
One Bottle Of DreamStar 2016.jpg

Dream Star 2016


LOT: No. 1
LOCATION: Napa Valley
VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc                                       
ALCOHOL: 14.5%
VOLUME: 750 ml

RELEASE DATE: 5/30/3017

     2016 was an excellent vintage for California wine growing regions. During my search of Dream Star, I learned that special sites in Napa and Knights Valley produced the highest quality grapes consistently, year after year. Therefore, I have decided to make two different designations of SB from same vintage to showcase the various terroir and respected methods of winemaking style. Traditional barrel aged method was my preferred choice for the Napa SB, which produces classical style. Knights Valley SB is characterized by its concrete egg application. This method brings out the aromatic components of the wine, also giving the wine a beautiful round texture. In my opinion, Napa/Sonoma sauvignon blanc is the highest in its caliber and deserves to be recognized. These two wines are my small selection of the highest quality wines, Finished with ultimate attention. Please enjoy this wine with aperitifs, throughout the meal or by itself; you will be surprised by its versatility to be enjoyed at many celebrated moments with your loved ones. This wine will surely please the most sophisticated wine palates, retain great value and still remains a hidden secret of great Napa and Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc, which can compete with the best of the best.

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